Praise Team | Sunday Morning
Children in grades K-6th are welcome to join Ms. Chelsea every Sunday morning at 9am in rooms 100-101 to practice for Sunday morning worship at the 9:45 Driveway service! Contact Chelsea Robinson for more info at crobinson@sttimmothyns.org for more information.


This program is for children in grades 3rd-6th at both the 8:30 and 11:00 services.

In the Methodist tradition, Acolytes bring the Cross, the Word of God, and the Light of Christ to the altar symbolically bringing Christ’s spirit into the worship service.

Acolytes also assist with the offering, baptisms, and serving Communion. For more information, please contact Katie Klumpp  in Children’s Ministry

Susan Crowton

Director of Children's Ministry

Mandy Lowery

Assistant Children's Director

Allison Junot

Nursery Director

Jen Harrold

Children's Ministry Assistant and Social Media Director


Saturdays 5:00pm

Who: Infant – Pre-K
Where: Room 106 for drop-off & pick-up
Who: K-5thd grade
Where: Children are dismissed from the worship service in the Highway. Pick-up in FLC Room 105

Sundays 8:30am/11am

Who: Infant – Pre-k
Where: Drop-off/Registration in Children’s Ministry Office
Who: K-5th Grade
Where: Children are dismissed from the worship service in the Sanctuary.
Pick-up: FLC Room 105.

Sundays 9:45

Who: Infant – 5 years
Where: Drop-off/Registration in Children’s Ministry Office. Pick-up in Nursery Bldg rooms as directed


Sundays 5:00pm

Who: Infant – 2 years
Where: Nursery Room 108

Who: Infant – 2 years & older
Where: Room 116

Driveway Kids


The Driveway is a Multi-Media Praise and Worship Service just for kids. We offer an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for K-6th Grade Students to learn and grow in their faith.

The Curriculum we use is built around 3 Basic Truths:

  •  I need to make the wise choice.
  •  I can trust God no matter what.
  •  I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We also focus on a core virtue each month. Why virtues? That’s because they display God’s character. And when we live them out, not only do we understand His heart more, so do the people around us.

Visitor Information:
When: Every Sunday at 9:45am
Check In: Family Life Center/Driveway
Who: Kindergarten- 6th Grade Students

Children may be dropped off 15 minutes prior to the service beginning. Volunteers and Staff will be available to direct you.


Would you like to be involved in Children's Ministries? We are always looking for volunteers to aid in ministering to the children of St. Timothy. Fill in the information below and someone will contact you shortly.

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Safe Sanctuaries – Key Reference September 2018

Students and ministry are our top priority. These key procedures are needed to maintain safe and healthy boundaries:

Screening: Everyone serving in the children or youth area – volunteers and staff – must have a background check, interview, and references in order to interact with them, as well as Safe Sanctuary training with an annual review.

The Rule of Two: Those serving with children or youth are not to be alone in private with them.

Transportation: It is never appropriate for a student to be driven anywhere without parent/guardian permission and two adults in the vehicle. Preferably with more than one student.

Counseling – In instances necessitating a one-on-one basis:
• Written approval of parent/guardian
• Written notice to other youth pastors or staff
• Presence in building of other adults
• During operational hours where other adults are in proximity
• Preferred location: Youth Office or Highway Breakout rooms

Electronic Communications:
• Neither Snapchat nor other forms of private communications are to be used.
• Text or other electronic communications by STUMC employees with children or youth will only be done by approved methods to include archiving and administrative review.
• Text or other electronic communications by Volunteers with children and youth will only be done within a group context with the parent/guardian or screened adult included.

We encourage you to report any perceived violation of these safeguards to the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor or SPR Chairperson.

Full Policy