Youth Staff

Jennifer Burke

Youth Director

Cameron Wetzel

Associate Youth Pastor

The Highway

Sunday Mornings | 9:45am | Junior & Senior High

High school and junior high students are invited to come be part of a service geared for teenagers. Our staff understands students are at various places along their spiritual journey. With messages that are relevant and engaging, along with music that is heartfelt and inspiring, The Highway helps “prepare the way” for students today by offering a space that is not only inviting, but also challenging, as we encourage students to move deeper into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

In The Know

Would you like to know what is going on from week to week–mission opportunities, updates, reminders?! Ask to be put on our parent email!

Pit Stop

Sundays 3-4:30pm | Grades 7th-12th/Guys & Girls

We will all gather together at the Highway for a large group game, then a time of recapping the Sunday morning message, followed by some breakout small group time. All are welcome to come and invite a friend!



Bible Project: Old Testament

Mondays 6:30-8pm | Hwy Bldg.

Grades 7th-12th /Guys & Girls

*Fall/Spring Session Begins Aug. 22nd-May 8th!

This Fall we will be reworking our curriculum to include new videos and content! The purpose of this gathering is to create a safe space for students to ask questions about their faith and learn to connect with God and community through the study of scripture. We will be using the Bible Project videos ( and scripture readings.

Led by Rev. Cameron Wetzel & Jennifer Burke
Email Jen at if your student is interested!

Praise Band & Tech

Wednesdays | 5:30PM

Student vocalists and musicians meet every week to offer their talents in worship. Each Wednesday they come together to practice for Sunday morning worship while building community along the way. The tech crew is also an essential part of the team, running lyrics, lights, and sound to create an intimate and engaging experience! Let us know if you play an instrument, sing, or would like to learn to run tech!

Voices Youth Choir

Jr.& Sr. High

If you love to sing, Voices is a great way to come meet new friends and sing all sorts of music from contemporary Christian to folk! Voices provides opportunities for students to showcase their talents at various adult services, as well as getting to participate as a worship leader in the youth praise band!

The youth choir/chorale is a group of 7th-12th grade students who enjoy music and want to grow in a deeper understanding of musical skills and their use in the church setting. These young people learn traditional and contemporary sacred music for presentation in different worship services of the church. Instrumentalists are also used on a regular basis to accompany the choir/chorale in worship services as well as on the annual summer choir tour.

Visit the Youth Choir Facebook page

Contact Ari Assaf for more information or Kenya L. Jackson 

Parental Consent Form

Each year, we need you to fill out a new parental consent form for your student.  You can download one to fill out for 2020 by clicking HERE.

Safe Sanctuaries – Key Reference September 2018

Students and ministry are our top priority. These key procedures are needed to maintain safe and healthy boundaries:

Screening: Everyone serving in the children or youth area – volunteers and staff – must have a background check, interview, and references in order to interact with them, as well as Safe Sanctuary training with an annual review.

The Rule of Two: Those serving with children or youth are not to be alone in private with them.

Transportation: It is never appropriate for a student to be driven anywhere without parent/guardian permission and two adults in the vehicle. Preferably with more than one student.

Counseling – In instances necessitating a one-on-one basis:
• Written approval of parent/guardian
• Written notice to other youth pastors or staff
• Presence in building of other adults
• During operational hours where other adults are in proximity
• Preferred location: Youth Office or Highway Breakout rooms

Electronic Communications:
• Neither Snapchat nor other forms of private communications are to be used.
• Text or other electronic communications by STUMC employees with children or youth will only be done by approved methods to include archiving and administrative review.
• Text or other electronic communications by Volunteers with children and youth will only be done within a group context with the parent/guardian or screened adult included.

We encourage you to report any perceived violation of these safeguards to the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor or SPR Chairperson.

Full Policy